Yamaha’s four-wheel motorcycle - the Tesseract


Until I saw images of the Yamaha Tesseract, the vehicle I’d been most looking forward to seeing at the Tokyo Motor Show was Toyota’s i-REAL but now Yamaha’s intriguing hybrid four-wheeled motorcycle really has wrested my attention amidst a plethora of other interesting exhibits. Not a great deal of information has been released about the machine, so we’ll have to speculate a little about just what it might be like to ride, and how nimble it might be. It’s really a four-wheel version of the Vespa, Piaggio and Vectrix three-wheelers except the tilting mechanisms (Yamaha has dubbed them “dual-scythe suspension”) are at both ends, so it’s a carving four-wheeler with both front wheels and both rear wheels very close together and although I’m enthralled by the concept in three-wheel form, there’s something about four wheels which makes me think that the transition will be slow when getting out of one corner and into another but that might just be an aging mind - what really does hold promise is two fat and sticky tyres at each end and the G-forces that might be generated with this machine under cornering. One also wonders just how far the tilting mechanism will allow it to tilt? Given that more than 50 degrees of lean is possible on two wheels with tyres these days, my brain cell is really struggling to picture what will happen when you run out of lean angle. It’s probably some variation along the four-wheel drift theme and although there looks to be lots of traction available, thinking about the possibilities of getting it rubber-side-up looks frightfully expensive. Look at all those suspension components to bend. Modern motorcycles can be so expensive to crash and this one might be doubly so or worse.Tesseract Concept

There’s no power output mentioned for the liquid-cooled V-twin and its electric hybrid mate, but the Raptor-like visuals of the bike indicate a performance machine and a big V-twin with electric booster will mean more than enough torque to leave big black marks on the tarmac and a top speed that will be theoretical everywhere but a racetrack.

There is also a dual arm-lock system that keeps the machine upright when at rest without a stand.

Of course we’re being critical here because we’re still coming to grips with what is really a new class of four-wheel machine. On the surface it offers motorcycle performance, maneuverability and frugality with a machine width roughly equivalent to that of a two-wheeler but four wheels worth of traction and road-holding. Bonus - this is a new and potent form of recreational machine and we cannot wait!


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  2. Martin Tynan Says:

    This will be an expensive vehicle to own. It looks like it will use motorcycle tires and what with the cost of relacing just 2 of the tires on my sportbike replacing 4 would be too much I think.

  3. Hytram Says:

    you would think the 4 tyres would spread the load therefore lasting longer, also those are not 180-200 sport bike tyres that do cost the earth. My partner is currently in a wheelchair from a car accident and might never ride her Guzzi again, this idea is fantastic, I cant wait.

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  5. Nishant Says:

    what is the estimated cost of the bike if i import it in India ???????

  6. 1938PopularMechanics Says:

    I’ll ice-race it again$t a 1,690cc $uperCharged Kawa$aki-Amphibious Multi-Purpo$e GyroPlane/Economically-Fueled $treet-Legal On-Off Road Baja-Winning “toy” of the Future ……. the “Poor-Man’$ Heli-Copter” and/or Beer/Vodka Pick-Up Machine …….. Occifer, hicUp …. I $wear to DRUNK I’m NOT GOD ….. wanna race ???

  7. 1938PopularMechanics Says:

    How about 0.25lbs of ANY Hydro-Carbon Fuel per horse-power hour with in$tant acceleration ??? Ru$$ell Bourke would hand people a pi$ton and hi$ tourch and a$k if they could melt a hole and they could NOT ….. it wa$ $itting in one inch of water to $cientifically-Equal the refridgeration-$troke of hi$ Bourke-Cycle-Engine …… twi$t a drive-$haft of te$t equipment ???

  8. Joe Says:

    They may need some sort of special permission to sell this is the US. The Department of Transportation defines motor vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels as motorcycles. If it has 4 wheels, it is an automobile and this obviously will not pass the crashworthiness and occupant safety tests required of an automobile.

  9. sammi Says:

    Any updates on this? Is is still concept, or has it become a reality yet?

  10. ray Says:

    I will like to know the price. The tesseract look like a nice motorcycle and i will like to rent one for the summer.

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